Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Genesis 5-6

Passage/s: Genesis 5-6; Ps. 1; Prov. 9; Matt. 1-2
Message of GOD For Me Today:
“Noah did everything GOD commanded him.” (Gen. 8:22 When GOD gives clear instructions to me, HE meant me to carry-out a global mission. I may not see it that way, but the impact will be felt by the world sooner or later. The little things that I do for GOD may mean the world to a person, a whole city, a whole nation… the whole world. I must be decided to do one thing all the way.   
Promise of GOD For My Life:
The instruction of the LORD is more than man can carry-out. GOD meant to do it HIMSELF through man. Nothing stops GOD. All heavens and earth cooperates to accomplish the GOD-given task of man. “Blessed is the man… (whose) delight is in the law of the LORD. Whatever he does prospers.” (Ps. 1:1-3)
Commandments To Obey:
Carry-out GOD’s instruction. Everything must be done. It’s all or none.
Ark-building what? Nobody had done it, it cannot be done! GOD just loved to give mind-screamer projects. What’s my mind-screamer?
It’s going to take all of me. I better love doing it. Noah did not finish the Arc in a month or a year… he worked on the ark for a hundred years.
Important of all, I must do it for no one but the Lord. If Noah was particular about people’s praises, he would think twice of building the biggest sea-boat on top of the mountain – it’s insane! Nobody ever attempted doing a hundred year construction for the biggest sea-boat where there is no sea.
It’s going to demand my time, my energy, my mind, money and more of money where there’s none. (Looking at it in another viewpoint, Noah must have been very rich to have poured-out huge resources for a project that spans a hundred years. What a blessed man he was!)
Go all the way with this, every day. Love this. It’s going to demand for more from me but heaven and earth will cooperate to accomplish this
GOD-given task. Thank you Lord!


  1. I love reading this, but please change to darker colors and bigger fonts, my old eyes is straining to see the small fonts. God bless you! Please do more.

  2. Bigger fonts, darker colors... :D

    Thanks for the tip.