Monday, December 6, 2010

Introduction: Genesis 1-2


Before anything else, GOD was already present -GOD, immortal, uncreated, beyond finite knowledge and beyond time. HE was already glorious, already mighty and nothing was above HIM. All elements known to MAN, is created, including time and space extending to the farthest length of the whole universe.

Why don’t we fully understand the truth about GOD? Because our minds are marred by sin and framed by natural laws that GOD is not subject to. For instance, GOD is the Alpha and Omega. Naturally, it’s unthinkable to have no beginning and no end. We don’t understand this because our minds are oriented by what existed in the natural. This particular natural phenomenon that limits our understanding about GOD existed when the ancient book said “there was evening, and there was morning” every day through out the 7-day creation. We call it TIME.

Time started ticking on day one and it continues to tick today.

We are now stepping the sixth day of the TIME OF MAN, nearing the 7th. Seven is always resting time. The first SEVEN-DAY was creation, and GOD rested. The 2nd SEVEN-DAY is the TIME OF MAN.

I attest, to most this is a blur. Do not read the prints in blue unless you love to search some clue.
On the seventh day, MAN will also REST. Before rest culminates, HE will gather and bring the church (those who are dead will rise first, then those that are alive will be caught up with JESUS in the clouds) to heaven via rupture in time for the BEMA seat (sometimes referred to as the marriage feast of the Lamb). In a little while after the grand reunion, HE will call all HIS enemies down to the final battle at Armageddon and defeat them all. The Serpent will be sentenced of imprisonment for a thousand years in the Abyss. Those who died after the rupture, because of their testimony for Jesus, will be in the first resurrection to reign with Christ at the Millineal Kingdom. Then shall JESUS CHRIST reign on earth, and the church will reign with HIM. The remnants of the war, those who are still alive and are in their natural mortal bodies will live in the kingdom and populate the earth.

To GOD, a day is a thousand years. The 7th day lasts for a thousand years. This Sabbath-Rest of a thousand years will be unprecedented because the Serpent is away in Abyssal prison, and JESUS will fully reign in body on earth. When the thousand-year Sabbath is over, the Serpent will be released from the Abyss and will campaign against the government of Christ, winning multitudes of the earth’s mortal inhabitants. At this, they will be burned by fire from heaven and the Serpent who leads them thrown into hell where its comrades had been in perpetual torment.

The end of the Old Order of things (Rev.21:4) wraps-up on the Great White Throne beyond space (and time?), where GOD calls to judgment all the dead. This is the 2nd resurrection. Only those who did not take part in the first resurrection are judged. They are those who rejected Christ when they were alive. They will come to stand before GOD and be judged according to their deeds. They will all end up in hell.

The scripture stops to be written after the glimpse of the new heaven and new earth. Will time stop too?  


GOD, with all HIS glory and splendor, created everything in preparation for HIS ultimate creation. He planted a garden and made everything ready, including a body, for HIS one special masterpiece. This creation was to be very special because HE creates him out of HIS own substance -spirit, and formed his suit of dust by HIS own hands. No other creation was made from HIS substance or created by HIS very hands. Everything else was made by HIS WORD. HE called HIS masterpiece MAN. When HE calls him MAN, GOD referred to HIS substance in MAN, the spirit.

Everything was perfect, and nothing was not until satan from the spiritual world disrupts the MIND of MAN and succeeded in planting a mind like his – independent from GOD. The whole natural world system crashed just because it failed to connect to GOD, the SOURCE. MAN carried every created thing with him on that great fall because HE was the chief, the king of the whole natural world. MAN’s power, energy and Life rest on the SOURCE. MAN stopped tapping on the source when he embraced an idea by satan that MAN can be like GOD apart from GOD. This idea started from eating the FRUIT of The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good and Evil. The idea that MAN has to do it himself, instead of relying on GOD creates self-awareness. MAN begins to see himself and he saw his nakedness because his glory was snuffed-out. He begins to fear and worry since the planted idea makes him self-occupied. He does not recognize GOD’s presence, nor is he inclined to enter it. Outside GOD’s presence, MAN is vulnerable to GOD’s enemy. As GOD’s image, he is a favorite object of scorn.


Contrary to popular knowledge, only the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was forbidden. It was to be a tithe of all the trees, holy unto the LORD. It was the only tree out of multitude of trees that is intended for GOD alone. Although this knowledge is recorded in the ancient book, so much misconception was successfully spread by the lie of the Serpent. There were two Trees in the middle of the garden and Eve did not know which was forbidden because she only said “the tree in the middle of the garden”. The other Tree was called the Tree of Life because naturally the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil can bring death. GOD already planned a remedy if MAN ever eats of death. The Tree of Life had to wait for the fullness of time for it to be offered. Indeed the FRUIT of the Tree of Life hanged on its Tree in Calvary where LIFE was offered.

We had been far too disconnected from GOD that we don’t know how to get to HIM or even know HIM. Death has its way to delude minds that even the absurdist of objects becomes god to us. We have had affinity with bad relationships because bitter pain is sweet to the dying. The image and likeness of GOD mocked. GOD did not spare HIS SON for the love of MAN, now corrupted. GOD’s only SON became death for us so we can have Life. To have Life, we need to eat the FRUIT – the person JESUS CHRIST who was hanged on that tree to be THE offer from GOD to HIS much loved masterpiece. 


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