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All In The Name

Grace In A Name

In the ancient world of the Bible, names had meaning. Some names depicted the wish of parents or of God for a child to fulfill a certain destiny.
Snapshot from the video "Meditate on God's Word and Receive Grace Upon Grace" by Joseph Prince
Abraham's name was originally Abram. God changed his name from Abram to Abraham. But before that, God breathed ה hei (grace) into him, blessing him in a covenant. From then on, Abram has grace ה(hei) in his name. See Genesis 17:3-8 God's covenant with Abraham

Snapshot from the video "Meditate on God's Word and Receive Grace Upon Grace" by Joseph Prince
Sarah received the same treat from God. She received ה grace and enjoyed the blessings from God. But while Hei was added to Abram's name, Hei was exchanged in Sarah's who was then called Sarai. Her name in Hebrew reading from right to left spells with a י Yod.  .י Yod is the tenth letter in Hebrew alphabet. It stands for a closed hand. It symbolizes action and personal possession. Action, in essence, manipulation. Manipulation comes from the latin word manus that means hand. For the most part, Sarai worked her way to get the promised son for herself. She went off-hooked offering her servant-maid to her husband making her more miserable with Ishmael's birth. Personal possession; me and mine was all over her person. She wanted what was already promised. God wanted to bless her. To do this, God removed the work of her hands.  Number ten is a representation of everything she tried to do with her hands. The letter Yod with a number value of ten and picture of closed hand was removed and was replaced with ה (Hei) that represents the number five the number of grace. With that, there was no more condemnation of the past. Everything pertaining to the sins that was wrought in violation of the number ten י (Yod/closed hand), or the standards of the law (ten commandments) removed and exchanged with grace! From then on, her name became Sarah, a woman full of God's grace and favor. 

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